[News] Kan MiYeon- Eunhyuk back of the hand kiss failed “disappointed”

Recently receiving lots of love with her newest single “Go Crazy”, singer Kan MiYeon with Super Junior Eunhyuk matched their breathing* during the short absence of MBLAQ’s Mir.
On the 18th , at the live broadcast of SBS “Popular Song”, Kan MiYeon and Super Junior Eunhyuk(who had transformed sexier by wearing a black suit and sunglasses) on the stage had a back of the hand kiss performance.

The netizens who saw this stage said “I was shocked because all of a sudden Eunhyuk appeared”, “Compared to the stage Mir stood on, (it gave) a bit of a different feeling”, “It’s dissapointing that the back of the hand kiss failed” is what they had expressed.
*saying that they’ve become very comfortable with each other (?)

Credits TV Daily
Translated by julzzzz@sj-world.net