[News] JYPE and Sidus HQ's "intimate relationship" endangered with Jay's contract? JYPE reacts

The weird relationship between Sidus and JYPE that now surrounds Jaebum?

Group 2PM's former member Jaebum is in the midst of contracting with the biggest agency in Korea, Sidus HQ. The contract is in its final stages and is said to be reaching completion by the end of this week. 

Jaebum will be holding hands with Sidus stars such as Jun Jihyun and Jo Insung while heightening his career in Korea. Fans have been paying especially close attention to the 'intimiate' relationship between Sidus HQ and Jaebum's former company, JYP Entertainment.

Any Korean music fan knows that the two companies are 'best friends' and have kept a close partnership, even giving birth to group GOD. At the time, Yoon Kyesang and Danny An were in Sidus HQ while Kim Taewoo, Son Hoyoung, and Park Junhyung were in JYPE. GOD's music production and management was done by Sidus HQ while the producing was done by JYPE's Park Jinyoung, their efforts combined giving birth to the 'nation's group' GOD. 

With Sidus HQ contracting with Jaebum, the air around the two companies, once known as the 'couple of perfection,' has turned into a rather weird atmosphere. JYP Entertainment terminated Jaebum under the reason of a 'private life problem.' The problem has yet to be revealed and fans hold negative opinions of JYPE. Sidus HQ has come forward with the possibility of a contract under such circumstances. 

On the 8th, JYP Entertainment stated, "We have no opinion on the matter," while Sidus HQ stated, "The contract is not finalized yet, please watch on."

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