[News] Jonghyun and Key thanks MBLAQ in their new album

Guys of the same age 91'ers!
'Really~' good and friendly Jinwoon sshi
Thank you hyperactive* Mir and Old Son Dongwoon!

Cunning JunHyung hyung, Messenger friend Seungho hyung~

Mi.Ah.Key (Short form of Maknae Rebellion) Heroes ! Cute Dongho. Thunder hyung who has made an impersonation keke

MBLAQ! Joon hyung let's go work out! Hyung is a funny guy! hehe

*T/N: '깨방정' There isn't a direct English translation for this. The meaning is somewhere in between fooling around and hyperactive.

Translation: Seungeun Lee + J00NiEx@AbsoluteMBLAQ

Seems like the SHINee boys are really close to MBLAQ, huh?

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