[news] Jo Kwon to the rescue as Gain fails to lift weights while working out!

It seemed that Gain of Brown Eyed Girls is not that "strong" and get's embarrassed while working out in the gym with Jo Kwon.

On the 17th broadcast of "We got married" Gain and Jo Kwon were seen working out in the gym. The two were working out to prepare for their "Sexy wedding pictorial" and Jo Kwon challenged Gain in the exercise equipment.

Gain first try was successful as she lifted the weights with her legs, but then on the second time, she tried several times but was unsuccessful at lifting the weights again, she then says "I cannot do it! I give up".

With Gain being stuck in the equipment as she cannot lift the weights, Jo Kwon went to the rescue and helped her lift the weight up, embarrassing Gain on set.

Source: My Daily
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews