[News] Jay's Seoul fanmeeting ticket announcement receives 12000 views after 1st day

Being placed 12th in the annual sales chart after selling 20,000 units of his solo album, his overseas fanmeeting tour events is garnering interest amongst the fans.

On the 28th of August, the first stop of the overseas tour will be in Seoul at Korea University, and only after 1 hour into the official announcement of the ticket sales, there has been 2000 views, and after just one day after opening, a total of view count of 12,000 were counted.

One associate stated "Interpark's call center has been paralyzed, and as the ticket announcement was made at 5PM on the 15th, we prepared alternatives for those fans who called in to say they were worried the server might crash."

Fans have been posting in detail on their personal blogs about the venue of the event as they anticipate a new image after Jaebum's single release.

An associate of the venue stated "We are working hard on safety to prevent possibilities of accidents, and in order to make Jaebum's meeting with his fans a success, we are in process of creating a program that a variety of fans can agree to."