[NEWS] Jay thanks fans for their hospitality (Star News Part 1)

Jaebum, "Thank you for the warm hospitality" (Direct Interview #1)

MoneyToday Star News met with Jaebum on the afternoon of the 13th at a night club in Seoul.

Jaebum practiced dancing with his friends in between filming breaks and was asked, "Isn't it a bit pressuring meeting with Korean reporters?" Jaebum smiled and replied, "It's fine." As much as he has decided to step back out into the world, he seems to be filled with anticipation more so than fear.

"How's it feel filming for your first movie?"

Jaebum replied, "I play a gangster-like bad boy role. When I dance, I try to have fun but having to think and act like a bad character isn't as easy as I thought. I subconsciously start reacting when my friends are dancing so I have to restrain myself."

When told that 'Hype Nation' director Jason Lee complimented Jaebum's acting, Jaebum replied, "It's all just media play. I'm still lacking a lot of things," and gave a bashful smile.

Jaebum of course didn't forget to promote his movie by stating, "I can't guarantee whether the movie will turn out well or how it will turn out but I am anticipating for it to be amazing. It's a dance movie but the story is a bit different from the standard dance movies out there and it's 3D so it's very cool. It's definitely worth a watch."

Having had to leave Korea amidst troubling times, Jaebum stated, "When I returned to Korea, the Korean fans were so hospitable, I really thank them. I really do thank my fans."

Lastly, Jaebum revealed, "By August, the filming for Hype Nation should be finished somewhat so I'll be beginning my Asia fan meet. I'm so happy thinking about being able to meet all of my fans soon."