[News] Jay receives a love call from a famous drama producer & features for a rookie singer

Jaebum's next plan of action is receiving much attention.

According to industry associates, Jaebum has a lot lined up after his movie. He has recently finished a song recording in a Kangnam studio and is considering appearing in a drama.

Jaebum has recently finished featuring in a song by a famous Korean composer for a rookie female singer that is preparing for debut. The song is set to be released soon and it seems the singer will be receiving much attention due to Jaebum's featuring.

He has also been looking into other opportunities outside of music. Aside from Hype Nation, Jaebum is considering a drama appearance.

An industry associate stated, "Jaebum has received a love call from a famous drama producer for a drama that is set to air in the second half of this year. He showed interest in acting and the fact that the drama is from a reputable producer has made him consider the offer seriously."

Jaebum will be opening a fan meeting throughout the nation starting August 3rd for the fans that have waited for him with unconditional love and support since his leave last fall.

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