[News] Jay Park Gets Special Treatment in South Korea

What do the world’s number one figure skater, the Michael Jackson of kpop, and Jay Park have in common? Well, from the looks of it, they all deserve Korea’s best security guards!

A fan who watched Jay arrive in South Korea observantly realized that the security team given to Jay at the airport was actually the most expensive team in the country.

This team, which normally is assigned to Yuna Kim (who’s treated like a queen in her country) and Seo Taeji (who is often called the cultural president of Korea), was given to Jay to protect him from deliriously joyful fans as they watched him finally return to the birthplace of his fame.

It’s also interesting to note that in the photo, the man in the yellow necktie behind Jay Park is actually an extremely famous security guard in South Korea. Seo Taeji, being especially fond of this man, has been known to refer to this guard as his ‘baby.’

Is Jay worthy of such protection?

Source: daum

Translation: jennying@2oneday.com

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