[News] Jang Na-ra becomes professor

Korean actress Jang Na-ra will start a new career as university professor in China from September.
Jang, 29, was appointed a professor teaching students at the Department of Theater and Film in Beijing Huajia University in a ceremony on June 30.
Due to her popularity in China as a “Hallyu” star, more than 100 local reporters attended the ceremony to cover the event.
“Acting is a study of developing one’s own, unique talent. As acting style differs from age to age, young professors are needed in universities. However, I can’t do anything with Chinese lines,” Jang said with a big smile.
She also went on to say that “I personally believe Korean-style education has strong points in the acting area, probably the best in Asia.”
“In my lecture, I will attempt to give lessons on how Hallyu could be a mega-hit across Southeast Asia. Plus, I will work on enhanced and wider recognition of Korean-style education in China.”
Jang made her debut in 2001 as a singer with a title song “First Story” in Korea. Then, she flew to China, achieving huge success not only as a singer but also an actress. Jang starred in a Chinese soap opera with well-known Chinese actor Alec Su. “Bratty Princess” brought her both fame and success as an actress in China.

cr:koreaherald.By Christy Jin