[News] Is Jay just a bubble or is he a gem?

Park Jaebum is currently one of the young stars who are getting the greatest attention in the celebrity world. Starting off as an idol, he suffered an unprecedented crisis but opened his wings once more, and now Jaebum's small footsteps are garnering great interest.

In truth Jaebum promoted with popular group 2PM for only 1 year. Comparing it to the immense amount of support he has, it was an unreasonable duration. The overflowing interest and sky rocketing value. Is Jaebum just a bubble or is he a jewel. Is he just a simply a star with issues or a gemstone that refines light.

Jaebum clearly has talent as a singer. Even in 2PM he was a member that stood out, and he had a considerable amount of stage grasp and charisma.

However it can be considered that 80% of what he is now are his fans. The saying 'The Park Jaebum now' is not the simple popular singer Jaebum, but the Jaebum who received public criticism and withdrew from the group, but then returned to Korea and is now showing a brilliant comeback. Behind him are the many passionate and intelligent supporting fans.

There are also many who deeply felt the strength of the fandom for the second time after the whole Jaebum issue. Those aged 20-30 who had no particular interest in 2PM saw the fans shouting "come back" when Jaebum left for America, which made them think about Jaebum's popularity. Also they felt the fandom's passion when Jaebum did return.

After this official withdrawal, he came back with the album 'Count On Me' which sold 25,000 copies in just two days, which stretched him up to 9th place for annual sales. In addition, tickets for his first fan meeting on the 28th sold out in 20 minutes. Although Jaebum too has the capability, this was from the strength of his supporting fans.

However it is not enough to continue on with just the belief of the fans. Truthfully, you cannot deny that JYP and 2PM shares a small portion of how he is growing now. It is not too much to say that to some extent JYP, who is coming out with many idol stars, 'created' Park Jaebum. How far Sidus HQ can support Jaebum as a singer is garnering attention.

The truth of Sidus HQ building a nest for Jaebum is that acting will be a major part of it too. Jaebum will be coming back as the main role of 'Hype Nation'. He is playing the character as a b-boy. The decision for whether he will star in Jang Hyuk's SBS drama 'Secret Garden' will also be settled sooner or later.

There are many who are half in doubt about Jaebum's potential as an actor. Before he signed his contract with Sidus HQ, almost all entertainment companies, be it the nation's biggest or smallest, were showing their interest for him, and it is known that dozens of companies had once tried to contact him.

Although the fact that companies who do not even specialize in singing contacted him shows that Jaebum's potential could be high, they also have this greed for being the ones to 'make him' into a star. Jaebum acting is far from being perfect, let alone his Korean.

One celebrity management associate said, "It is not definite that Jaebum can succeed as an actor. Even if he receives acting lessons and makes a debut, his influence and longevity is still cloudy. However as an already made star who is not involved with any peculiar public relations and who has been receiving an immense amount of concentration, you cannot deny his respectable value for CFs and other promotions."

Also, there is the chance that his 'personal life problem', the reason why he left Korea, could follow him, labeling Jaebum as a star with many issues. In order for himself to reborn as a true entertainer using the support that his fans have piled for him, he must show something spectacular.