[News] Is Hype Nation's poisonous secret marketing arousing suspicions?


Hype Nation, the movie of 2PM's former member Jaebum, has been showing off a weird style of marketing, creating suspicions after suspicions.

Hype Nation's production team has been putting the filming dates and everything regarding the production of the movie a complete secret since Jaebum's arrival on the 18th for his safety.

Plans and preparations for the movie began last 2007 and but the movie remains carefully hidden under a veil even after Jaebum's casting, amplifying the suspicions regarding the production of the movie.

Although Hype Nation has been known as a collaboration project between Korea and America, there is nothing official or known about the investment companies. The fact that they even have $25 million in investments finalized for production costs is quite doubtful.

The name of the production company is under the same name as the movie and Hype Nation will be the first ever production of the company. The problem is not that they are a new movie production company but rather the fact that the level of trust is low despite their experience and strong foundation.

The distribution company within Korea is also yet to be decided, causing much curiosity. It was formerly revealed that Universal, a Hollywood major studio, would be participating the production but that, too, has also become a rather opaque statement as time goes on.

The producers have stated, in questions regarding their American distributors and the cost of production, "We cannot tell you anything." Whether it is a Hollywood film or a national production, a company hiding such basic information nearly never happens.

Just like the statement 過猶不及 'Too much is as bad as too little,' seeing the production company refuse to reveal even such basic information regarding the movie and opting to go with a 'secret marketing' tactic actually makes many wonder what kind of negative side effects they will be met with.

A lot of industry associates are even cocking their heads in confusion with Jaebum's Hype Nation casting. Jaebum had previously failed to properly solve his controversy with his former agency, JYP Entertainment, and the fact that he is returning to the nation and promoting brings about much suspicions.

Associates are also suspicious of Jaebum making a comeback as an actor, not his original profession as a singer. He is an idol star without any verifiable acting experience or skills. For him to be even considered for the role of a $25 million project is nothing more than a risk for the producers and the investors.

Hype Nation can be a road for Jaebum's comeback but failing to reveal his clarification regarding his controversies will be poisonous to his career if he wishes to continue his career in Korea.

Associates are keeping their eyes on Jaebum's comeback attempt along with Hype Nation's future production.