[News] 'Into the Fire' breaks 3 million viewers… #1 for 4 weeks!

The movie Into the Gunfire finally broke 3 million national viewers.

Into the Gunfire, which is raising the self-esteem of Korean movies through its release in 14 major American cities, touched the hearts of 3 million Korean viewers. Into the Gunfire, which is currently playing nationally on 400 screens, brought in 2.7 million viewers as of last weekend, and is currently at over 3 million viewers and is #1 on box office charts for the fourth week in a row.

Into the Gunfire, which continued to bring in viewers in its fourth week since its premiere, is the third movie this year to set a record with over 3 million viewers, after Secret Reunion (의형제) and Harmony (하모니).

The reason posters for Into the Gunfire such as this is receiving so much attention is that the movie Knight and Day, which was the hot topic at the front lines of Hollywood blockbusters, after beating out recently released Korean movies, has secured third place amongst the largest movies.

Furthermore, in terms of shares, Into the Gunfire is far ahead of Shrek Forever and Knight and Day, and its box-office prospects are bright. Into the Gunfire, which has taken over the theaters in June and into July due to the public’s hot word-of-mouth, will claim the theaters for Korean entertainment along with Moss (이끼), due out this week, even amongst the Hollywood blockbusters.

credits: 출처- seungie @ ibigbang.wordpress.com