[News] Infinite's First Fan Signing, Fans "For individual hugs, 'Kind Infinite'"

Hot rookie idol group Infinite completed their very first fan signing event.

On the past July 17th and 18th at the Kyungkido Ilsan Shinnara Record and at Seoul Mokdong Hot Tracks, Infinite held their fan signings.

Infinite debuted in June with their title track 'Come Back Again' and, as expected from this year's most-anticipated rookies, confirmed their popularity by gathering a large number of fans at the fan signings.

Because this was their first fan signing since their debut, fans overcrowded the event. Infinite was reportedly very happy.

For the many fans who wanted pictures taken or hugged, Infinite granted them individually, doing their best to make the fans happy. For this they earned the names 'Kind Infinite' and 'Gentlemen Infinite', among others.

Infinite, who finished the fan signing, stated, "We were very grateful because so many people came to this fan signing event that we experienced for the first time in our lives", "We will repay their anticipation and love by working hard".

Infinite has been gathering interest by continuing their un-rookielike perfect skills with 'Come Back Again'.