[News] Idol group BEAST become protagonists of variety show 'Idol Maid'

Idol group BEAST has become the protagonist of the upcoming variety show 'Idol Maid'.

On MBC's Every1 cable channel, BEAST will be the focus of the variety program 'Idol Maid', in which they will begin life in their dormitory with Shin BongSun and Jung GaEun.

'Idol Maid' is a reality show in which female stars become idol groups' housekeeping maids. They will take care of and oversee the members' personal and social lives that their managers cannot help with.

Shin BongSun and Jung GaEun, who finished the first day of filming at BEAST's dormitory, are said to have felt new feelings while filming at a male idol's dorm.

These two women will be transformed into BEAST's maids and will take care of their breaks and games, showing BEAST's regular image. It will be broadcast on July 21st at 6PM.