[News] ‘Hype Nation’ Park Jaebum: 'I almost hurt my head while filming'

2PM past member Park Jaebum talked of the hardships he faced during filming.

On the 22nd at Kyunggido Namyangju Studio Complex, a press conference for the movie “Hype Nation 3D,” which Park Jaebum stars in, took place.

When asked, “Was there anything difficult about filming,” he replied, “Because it’s a movie about b-boying, I had fun filming it.”

He pointed out the things to pay attention to when b-boying. “B-boying takes up a lot of energy. If I b-boy when I’m not in a tired condition, I can have fun while doing it and do it well, but when I’m low on energy, I can get hurt.”

He continued, “Once, I was b-boying when I was tired and almost hurt my head [..] Also I coughed a lot while filming the movie, so filming was a little difficult in that aspect.”

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Reporter: Lee Eun Ji
Photographer: Im Seh Young
Credit: Newsen
Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100722n24537

Translated by melodygreenleaf @ wild2day.org