[news] Hot Brothers' Lee KiKwang transforms by 99% into avatar owner Kim Koora

[TV Daily = Reporter Jo Eeji] Illuminant all around, pet idol Lee Kikwang has transformed into spiteful Kim Koora.

Airing on the 4th, Lee Kikwang and Kim Koora meet as avatar and owner in the avatar date. The owner being Kim Koora has commanded his avatar Lee Kikwang to become like him.

Lee Kikwang has synchronized by 99% like Kim Koora from his facial expression, his look, and even sticking out his chin as he portrayed Kim Koora perfectly.

Lee Kikwang rebelled in the beginning of Kim Koora’s sudden commands, but broke down under the strong pressure of his owner.

Whether he puts mud in his hair to show off a new hairstyle or takes off his shirt and becomes a rough axman as he beats the firewood with his ax. He showed a shocking image as he even made a spiteful remark to Park Hwisoon of whom he rivals against in the date for one woman.

Look forward to Lee Kikwang’s transformation as Koora-dol in the avatar date on the upcoming 4th at 5:20PM.

[TV Daily = Reporter Jo Eeji young@tvdaily.co.kr]

CREDITS: tvdaily (SOURCE); seoulfoood @B2STRISING (TRANS)

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