[News] Han Geng's Home In Beijing, China Exposed!

On the day Han Geng went on the Great Wall of China for his press conference, Music Billboard followed Han Geng for 8 hours for some exclusive footage. Han Geng even invited them to his apartment in Beijing. Han Geng’s apartment is surprisingly small, just a not-so-spacious 3 rooms apartment. Actually, Han Geng loves his apartment. He went around his house happily introducing his home decorations and also introduced his pets: 2 chinchillas.

Han Geng’s apartment in Beijing exposed; rent of 5000RMB for the 3 rooms apartment

A simple 3 rooms apartment, white-washed walls, wooden flooring, this is Han Geng’s apartment somewhere in Bei Si Huan district. What’s more surprising is that this simple apartment is rented by Han Geng for 5000RMB/month. Regarding this, Han Geng said: ‘I’m staying alone so I don’t need a big apartment. 3 rooms apartment is enough.’ After stepping through the door into the 10 over square metres living room, it looks just like a room of a Han Geng’s fan. The living room is filled with the flags of different fan clubs, scrolls and promotional items, pictures of him during different periods can’t be left out. Looking further, you would realize that gifts from fans were used for home decorative purposes.

Chinchillas as pets; dance of main song choreographed by Michael Jackson’s dance team

The real owner of the living room is actually the pair of chinchillas. They were sleeping during the process of filming and they look really cute. But Han Geng warned the producer that: ‘You cannot touch them when they are sleeping, they will get angry. When they are angry, they would bite.’ Han Geng had looked after different kind of pets previously, this includes a lizard but because he was too busy, he gave it to his parents to look after it.

Other than the living room, one is his room and the other room is used to store his clothes and shoes. It is a little cramp so Han Geng had to put his book shelf in the living room. On the shelf, there are many Michael Jackson’s albums. This time in Han Geng’s new album, he also specially invited the choreography team in Michael Jackson’s movie. Music Billboard will present to you Han Geng’s apartment and exclusive footage of his solo MV on the 2nd July.

Super star has a warm attitude; has good relationship with neighbors

Before he steps out of the house, he stopped to check if he had switched off all the electrical appliances. When he is in the lift, Han Geng met his neighbor and he greeted him immediately. However, his neighbor got shy and shuns the camera.

Music Billboard will air on 2nd July 18:30 on the Beijing Cultural China. In the show, the team of co-workers following and helping Han Geng since his departure from SM Company would be revealed as well.

Credit: SINA
Translation: HUIWENSG @ GENG_BAO
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