[NEWS] Going onto the set of Jaebum's movie 'Hype Nation' (Star News Part 2)

As I walked along the street, I found myself trying to walk under the shade due to the hot summer, but there were these people whose passions were burning hotter than this summer.

On the 13th starting from 7am, the American movie 'Hype Nation' was being filmed in a club in Yeoksamdong, Seoul, and this is where I found the sweating Jaebum and his colleagues. They were dancing during the breaks, and while they were practicing, every minute and every second seemed like fun as they poured with laughter.

When there were small breaks in-between their filming, he would throw a brilliant dance floor party with his colleagues, enjoying every moment of the movie shoot.

But filming was still happening at another place. Money Today Star News found the scene at 3.40PM, when Jaebum and American hip hop ground B2K member J-Boog were filming.

J-Boog was hanging off a wire as they were filming a part for the 3D movie. He had to repeat the scene a few times but was concentrating well on the shoot.

When T-ae, who is cast as his girlfriend, was asked "Isn't it tiring", she answered "To be honest, since everything is new to me, it's just fun and exciting", "Since it's a 3D movie, the filming does take a while but I'm having fun filming."

Director Jason Lee who was sitting next to her bragged, "B2K and all of the cast are having fun filming."

During film breaks, Jason Lee and the actors would discuss their opinions and were working hard to capture a better scene. When J-Boog's scene is met with 3D effect, it looked just as surprising as the movie 'Avatar' and any other 3D movie.

A staff of CJ foundations investment that I met at the scene said "All scenes are being filmed with the 3D camera, and 'Hype Nation' will be the first movie to do this", "What's more is that Korea and America's best staff are coming together to make this, so our hopes for this is big."

Currently at the 'Hype Nation' set, Tommy Maddox, the camera operator for movie 'Iron Man 2' has joined to help and a high quality picture is being born.

In addition, American's best b-boys and Jaebum and his colleagues were showing even more brilliance with their brilliant choreography. With this, Jang Kyung Ho has been appointed the choreographer and also the b-boy crew Gambler leader, and has been competing in world competitions such as the B-boy Hodown competition.

Jason Lee said "At the moment, about 40% of the filming has been completed", "Since it's 3D, the speed for filming is slow, but we will finish filming in Korea by August before we head over to America to start filming."

Jason Lee added "Jaebum's acting a character that closely shadows his own life, so synchronizing is easy", "I'm hoping for a good end-product".