[News] Go-Eunha and Mir Kissing Controversy Still Continues...


Criticisms regarding the ‘kissing’ incident between talent Go EunAh and her little brother talent MBLAQ Mir on a broadcast programs continue.

Go EunAh wrote on her minihompy on 1st July, “I am shocked to see the posts posted up by reporters and netizens that I could only write out these few words.”

On Mnet Scandal aired on 30th June, there was a scene featuring Go EunAh kissing her younger brother Mir on the lips. Following the airing, many criticisms from the netizens surfaced like, “Isn’t this incest?”etc.

But Go EunAh had explained, “I’m just expressing my love to my sibling. I am sad that people have misinterpreted the scene. This is an expression which our family is very used to. I guess different families have different way of expressing their love, but this is the way my family express our love. I don’t want to hide my affection to my brother just because of others.”

She also said, “How can people criticise the relationship between siblings as incest. I feel hurt and I hope that my brother and myself will not get hurt anymore. I hope everyone will look at us siblings with an open heart and in a good light. I hope there will not be harm to my brother through incidents like these.”


Source: SPN