[NEWS] Girl's Day Jisun and Jihae were once the 'god of dancing'

Jisun (Hwang Jisun) and Jihae (Woo Jihae) of girl group 'Girl's day' once were god of dancing when they were in high school.

DreamTea Entertainment revealed that Jisun and Jihae who were born in 1989 once joined in national dancing contest about when they were in secondary education and they also snatched the prize, too.

Jisun, the sexy girl who has the sexy dancing skill is preparing to be the dancer in group. Jisun who once jouned in '19st Hanbyul Art Festival' at 2006 could snatch the prize in the best designed dancing category. Not only that, she also once received bronze medal with 'Youth Festival' event, Kangdong Seould too.

Jihae, who were studying in grade 9. She also received silver coin and special prize in designed dancing contest from over the country which was organized by South Korea culture ministry. Not only that, in 2007 when she were studying in grade 12. Jihae once received Daesang award from 'Modern dance' contest which was organized at Christ Seoul University.

Jisun and Jihae revealed "Personally, I think dancing is the language which communicates by movement of body" They added "In the future, we'll learn and practice hard for Girl's day." They said.

Source: Girl's day Thailand forums and PINGBOOK ENTERTAINMENT
translation: taengbear @ 5girlsday.com

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