[News] A ghost from a girls' high school whispered in Seungri’s ears?

Seungri told the audience his supernatural experience has attracted attention.

In SBS Strong Heart which was broadcasted on 27th, there was a session that all of the guests had to share about their supernatural experience. Seungri started first by telling us that he had encountered an unexpected incident when he was filming the MV of ‘Lie’ in a deserted girls high school. His story had aroused the curiosity of the guests.

Seungri elaborated on what happened at that time. Other staff said they had heard of someone making a school announcement there which added a certain degree of horror to the whole thing. “To be frank, I was really scared; however, it is said that if you met a ghost, then your songs would become a great hit. That was why I wished I could see a ghost then.” Seungri fell asleep because of the delay in making the video. ‘When I opened my eyes, there were nobody but only 4 girls who had long hair were surrounding me. One of them whispered into my ears.. Ah,ah…” His speech turned the atmosphere darker and horrifying.

Seungri continued. “I was so scared that I woke up and found that it was only the buzzing of bees” He swept the whole area with a wave of laughters and fun.

Source: Baidu
Translated and shared: Rice@Bigbang World