[NEWS] f(x)'s Krystal, "I want to marry Kim Jaewook on WGM"

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Girl Group f(x)'s Krystal made her shy confession as actor Kim Jaewook's fan.

On the 20th, Krystal appeared in Ilsan, Gyeonggi for MBC's daily sitcom "More Charming by the Day" for a meeting. There, Krystal confessed about her feelings as actor Kim Jaewook's fan and said this.

Another member from f(x), Victoria, appears on MBC's Sitcom "We Got Married Season 2" (WGM), and Krystal related herself to them. "I'm jealous of the two people," she said, "If I get a chance to go on WGM, I would like to go on with Kim Jaewook," she confessed.

Meanwhile, Krystal is appearing for "More Charming By the Day" as female high school student Jung Soojung, forwards and backwards.

Translated by: spiceshoe @ iheartfx.com