[News] From 'Twilight' to attractive fish...?

Not quite sure if Alexander from U-Kiss is truly crazy for the movie, but his recent posts on Twitter indicate that he knows a great deal about it.

alexander_0729: "Geez.. I feel like Bella... camping in @kevinwoo91 's house sounds good... but we need a break to stay away from each other for a while..."

"Yes, Bella Swan... chase after me like crazy Victoria.. @kevinwoo91 reminds me of Edward... white face brown hair... should I be Jacob then?"

"No thanks.. Edward n Jacob always fight... Actually I like Vampire Diary too... hm.. Friday night... should go home n watch it alone..."

"Juz don't get y vampires n werewolves can't be friends.. If @kevinwoo91 was a vampire n I was a werewolf, we'll still be frds"

But then, the conversation started to involve a picture of Kevin...(Mervin) the fish version.

"Me too.. I like @kevinwoo91 more than Edward.. say 'cheese' Mervin... good boy..

kevinwoo91: "haha~ very funny~! when did you take a pic of me? ^^"

alexander_0729: "This cute little goldifsh keeps loing at me at the iceflakes shop... @kevinwoo91 is staring at me..."

alexander_0729: "juz now.. can't help taking cuz ya so attractive... hehe"

So what can we assume from this article? Xander seems to be a massive 'Twilight' fan... and Kevin and Xander are truly adorable friends! ^^