[News] Following Park Yongha’s death, producers reviews Male Lead casting for ‘Love Song’

Upcoming drama ‘ Love Song’ which is the Korean adaptation of ‘Tian Mimi’, has confirmed that they are currently renewing their casting process for their new lead role. Initially casting Park Yongha as their male lead role, they have confirmed that they are now in the process of casting a new actor to take the part. They have also reassured that despite Yongha’s death, there is no change in the female lead role which is currently owned by Yoon Eunhye.

“We were stunned for a bit after the tragic incident, and we did not have the capacity to go on with the project last week. But we now have finished the meeting to deal with this situation, and are in the process of casting a new actor. There are no casting changes in regards to Yoon Eun Hye. As soon as the new male lead is cast, we will proceed with the project as planned.”

Source: OSEN, Korea