[News] First dog-star on the stage of Inkigayo- The ‘Boss’ of Taeyang

On 18th of this month,Taeyang secured the first place of the music chart in the music programme‘ Inkigayo’. The appearance of his dog has sparked great interest among his fans.

On the encore stage of ‘Inkigayo’, Taeyang’s buddies 2NE1, TOP, SEAN and HARANG all came over and congratulated him on the stage which has attacted attention.

However, not only they appeared on the stage but also the dog of Taeyang- Boss. He was brought onto the stage in the blossom of a dancer.

After watching the show, fans have expressed different opinions towards this issue,
‘Isn’t he the first ever dog which has been captured on the stage?’ ‘He has such a good fate. I am so jealous.’

Moreover, Taeyang expressed his gratitude by the following speech, ‘I nearly forgot. 2NE1 has come today, thank you. And so has TOP. TOP, thank you. And my little dog Boss has come as well. Boss, thank you.’

Chinese Translation: Shadow@bigbangfamily.com
English Translation:rice@BIGBANGWORLD(please do not change or remove any credits, thanks!)