[news] Fans investigate and proves Rain is indeed 185 cm tall

Rain claimed he is 185 cm on his profile sparking controversy over the authentication of his height in his profile.

Rain is 185cm tall and recently on a photo of him with Lee Jung Jin which was taken in Japan, Lee Jung Jin is only 183 cm tall and it seemed that Rain looked shorter than him on the photo.

After this, Rain's fans have investigated to authenticate that Rain is indeed 185 cm tall. Fans posted and compared a photo before on the show that aired in 2002 MBC "Kang Ho Dong Seoulmates" where a scene was shown where Lee Jung Jin and Rain were standing side by side, it showed that Rain was indeed taller.

Fans also said, "Rain is not tall because of insoles or shoe heels" also proving this by a scene in Family Outing Where he was barefoot and he was with Lee Chun Hee, Lee Chun Hee is 186 cm tall and Rain is almost as tall as him.

In addition to this, Netizens posted photo's of Rain and So Ji Sub where So Ji Sub is 182 cm tall and It clearly showed that Rain was taller than So Ji Sub.

Fans then concluded that, "Photo's may vary depending on the angle which it was taken. I wish the debate about Rain's real height would stop. He is really tall and is 185 cm tall".

Rain's fans have showed enough proof that Rain is indeed 185 cm tall and they hope any more controversy would stop about his height.

Source: Jes//Nate News
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews