[News] English K-Pop Album Updates

I've finally gethered up a few more details about the English K-Pop album from 3rdWaveMusic that Siwon Choi from Super Junior has been working on. Brian Joo is also involved in this project (as shown in the picture above). If you don't know already - yes, it is a Christian album. All of the songs are said to be in English and Siwon is currently busy recording his solo track 'The Sweetest Name' at the moment. But, today, the company released a single off the album entitled 'Looking for the Day'. There is a free mp3 for download on their Facebook iLike page below.

The entire album is expected to be released on iTunes once it is complete - the estimated date of release is tentatively set around October 10th, 2010 (10-10-10) right now. According to John Lee's (3rdWaveMusic's) twitter:

"3rdWave is in tweak stage. We r going to finalize the mixes for the songs. Very very exciting. Album jakcet is be designed also!"

I don't know about you all, but I'm extremely excited to looking forward to Siwon's solo. I can't wait to hear an entire song from him in English! I'll keep you updated about this album with new releases on Facebook and album information.

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