[News] D-NA Karam transforms into counselor

The Boss' Karam transforms into a counselor.

MBC Starry Night segment 1030 counseling will soon be welcoming Karam in league with IU to give opinions to the listeners. Karam, H-Eugene and Gil Hak Mi will be hosting the segment by providing counseling to listeners who are 10-40 years old.

'Starry Night' PD, Lee Dae Ho said, "The reason why we chose Karam is because he started training since high school, and aspiring to be a singer, he will understand the minds of the teenagers better."

Karam replied, "There are many things that the teenagers didn't expect to be coming, and i will pay attention to it carefully, and try my best to be their listeners"

That means we will get to listen to his voice on starry night too

translated by: aoiare@kingdomprince.net

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