[News] Comedian Lee Su-geun Once Gave Up His Comedian Dream


Comedian Lee Su-geun appeared on the KBS-2TV talk show “Win Win” hosted by Kim Seung-wu on Tuesday and talked about moments where he struggled in his career.

MC Kim asked if Lee ever felt comedians were under-appreciated for their meaningful job of giving laughter to people and if he regretted becoming a comedian.
Lee said that before his debut he once gave up his dream. He explained that he was already appearing on the TV show “Gag Concert” when he failed to pass a KBS comedian recruit exam. Lee and colleague Kim Byeong-man thought they would pass for sure. Lee said, “I shed ten years worth of tears that time. I called up Kim and said I’m giving up becoming a comedian.” The two were building up their dreams together so upon hearing Lee’s abrupt decision, Kim was shocked and said hurtful things to him. Their story made the cast tear up.

Kim then partnered up with another comedian and made his career break after which he visited Lee, then working as a recreation instructor, to talk him back into the comedy world. The two eventually partnered up again and continued their friendship to this day.
Lee thanked Kim for traveling from Seoul to Yangpyeong to help him come up with ideas and keep his dream alive.
Park Seong-ho also joined Lee and Kim on Win Win and shared candid stories.

cr:Kbs Global