[News] CNBlue's Jung YongHwa to have his acting comeback?

I'm certain that the majority of us have watched the very popular SBS drama series, "You're Beautiful" or better known as 미남이시네요 (Minami Shineyo). The drama series aired from October 2009 all the way to December. Even though half a year has since passed since the series ended, I am sure we all still remember the charming Kang Shinwoo from the show. With that series, Jung Yonghwa made his first acting debut, and it even won him the New Star Award category in the 2009 SBS Drama Awards.

He has since been very successful ever since that drama aired. It was told by his agency, FNC Music, that he has been given the interest for five roles in dramas, two roles in movies, and five in musicals.

However, Jung Yonghwa has yet to accept any of the offers as he is currently busy with his overseas promotions of CNBlue's latest album, ‘Blue Love‘ to countries which include Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China and others as well.

According to an associate of FNC Music, even though Jung Yonghwa is busy with his music career currently, he is in the midst of accepting an offer from a drama or a movie within the last six months of the year.

Are you all BOICE excited for his comeback in the acting industry?

Source: luciahong @asiae.co.kr
Reported by: Belinda