[News] CNBLUE, chats online with fans

4 member band CNBLUE is in the news for having honest conversation with fans.

On OnGameNet's online fan meeting show 'Hes on Live,' which will air on the 15th at 5:30 PM, Jung Yong Hwa hit the fans in the face with "I am not that handsome if you see me in real life."

This program is an online fan meeting show broadcasted by microsoft's 'X-Box Live,' and 4 member band CNBLUE, who are in full gear with their second single title song 'Love,' appears as its first guest.

CNBLUE enjoys a unique online fanmeeting experience for the first time with 20 fans who have been chosen over 200:1 competition rate.

'Hes on Live' does not run like a standard fan meeting at a concert stage or small theater in a concert-form. Instead, stars and fans can communicate in the comfort of their own home so it can lead to an honest conversation. It's been later said that fans were as curious about CNBLUE's secrets and history as much as the competition to be selected, which made the program even more exciting.

Meanwhile, according to the producers, the sequel 'She is on Live,' which will air in August, will feature actress Min Hyo Rin and surprise fans with a totally different image than innocence.

Credit: Digintal Times + 1takeKK@CNBLUE-SKY (translations)