[News] CN Blue are going to dance Single Ladies on Starking!

July.12 Star King filming.

CNBLUE performed LOVE with full band live.
Well it's shocking. It's not a music show... It'a a great treat to CNBLUE.
At rehearsal, CNBLUE were so happy and cheerful, they even performed geek in the pink.
Audience requested Umbrella, Yong Hwa said, "Umbrella is at the concert..."

After LOVE, 2 younger brothers went to MBC radio Stary night.
Stary night was so much funny, they talked so freely without elder brothers.
Min Hyuk even changed the song slection, Love light to Sweet holiday which he wrote.
Jung Shin said that Min Hyuk checks his bank account everyday how much the copyright money is received.

Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun danced Beyonce's Single Lady...
Fans were shocked to hear it, it's a birth of Jongyonce?

Yong Hwa seemed to be friendly with Onew, they are same age.

Star King filming took 10 hours, so many scenes might be edited.