[News] Celebrities Suicide Information on the Internet Restricted

SEOUL - The number of suicides in South Korea made the South Korean government plans to restrict information about suicide in the virtual world. Especially the news about suicide by top Korean celebrities.

Throughout the last five years, noted there are approximately seven South Korean celebrities who died from suicide. Finally, suicide performed by actors and singer Park Yong-ha on June 30.

'Copycat suicide by celebrities tend to increase and it even made the other celebrities and there are also groups who are planning suicide through the internet recently, "said a Health Ministry official was quoted by DigitalOne, Tuesday (13 / 7 / 2010).

Suicides in South Korea continue to increase, based on data recorded deaths from suicide than 100,000 people reached 21.

Based on a survey, recently also found that one in six South Koreans were seriously intend to conduct suicide. The survey, involving approximately 6510 people aged 18 years and over conducted by Seoul National University and Seoul Samsung Hospital.

"Because of concern over this situation, the three organizations, the Department of Health and Welfare, Korean National Police and the Korean Association for Suicide Prevention have joined forces to take action to overcome with more effective ways, including limiting the information related to suicide," he said.

Intentionally, the government focus to restrict information in the virtual world of suicide because the Internet is the main place where people gather relevant information to commit suicide.

The government has used approximately 884 network users who will report on Internet portal or an online newsletter that contains information on suicide. Hazardous sites and information reported will be monitored by the Association for Suicide Prevention. (Ugo)

Trans : adela1991 @ dkpopnews