[News] "Bread, Love and Dreams" Continues To Rise In Ratings


KBS series "Bread, Love and Dreams" continued to prove that it is no match on Wednesday and Thursday nights, blowing away its competition on the same time slot.

Figures from TNmS (Total National Multimedia Statistics) on Friday indicated that "Bread," into its fourth week, scored viewership ratings of 33.4 percent on June 30 and 35.8 percent last night. Compared to the previous week, the drama has seen an average increase of 4.6 percent.

Statistics released by AGB Nielsen Media Research showed slightly lower ratings -- 31 percent on Wednesday and 31.6 percent the following day.

This week's episode focused on how Tak-koo (played by Yoon Si-yoon) begins to compete with Ma-joon (played by Joo Won) while staying at the house of baking master Oh Doo-yong (played by Jang Hang-sun).

Meanwhile, ratings for MBC's war drama "Road No. 1" and SBS' "Bad Boy" continued to drop, recording ratings in the six to eight percent range.