[News] BEAST's participation in dance festival in Japan!

6-member idol group, BEAST, has just started on their overseas promotion not long ago. They've since visited the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia to promote their 'Shock Of The New Era' album, and their last stop of their overseas promotion would be Japan. This will BEAST's first official trip there.

As part of their promotional activities there, BEAST has been invited to the Korean. American. Japanese dance event 'Precious Land' in Tokyo Shinkiba Studio Coast and they are planning to perform for the event on July 1st.

Since their debut, this will be the first stage in Japan for BEAST.

In the 'Precious Land' event starting off this year, it will be a large scale dance festival with the greatest dancers around world even including those who choreographed for Michael Jackson. Even the dance team Prepix, currently active in the United States, plans to participate in it as well.

After their Japan promotions, BEAST will be heading back to Korea and continue on their upcoming comeback by the end of July.

CREDITS: CC Daily News (SOURCE); aoistars@B2ST Rising (TRANS)
Reported by: Belinda