[News] BEAST JunHyung's collarbone tattoo meaning.. "devoted son"

Group BEAST's member Yong JunHyung's tattoo and its meaning was revealed.

His tattoo became known after a photographer took a picture of BEAST while they were attending the 'Seoul Character-Licensing Fair 2010' on July 21st, becoming a hot topic around online communities.

Yong JunHyung is known have gotten his tattoos near the beginning of his year on his collarbone and his right forearm in English and Latin. On his collarbone, the tattoo reads in English, "Born again still your son". From this phrase, Yong JunHyung's love for his parents can be seen.

On his arm, the tattoo reads, "Take a hold of today. And only believe in the word 'tomorrow' in the smallest way you can". It seems to be similar to American actor James Dean's quote, "Dream like you're going to live forever, live like you're going to die tomorrow", expressing the thought that instead of living for tomorrow, one must live to the fullest in the present.

In the past, tattoos were associated with gangsters, but now celebrities and sports athletes have begun getting tattoos, and it has become a part of the culture. Celebrities with tattoos besides Yong JunHyung include Big Bang member G-Dragon, DBSK member JaeJoong, and singer Hyori, among others.

Fans reacted to Yong JunHyung's tattoo by saying, "He's a filial son", "He put such cool words on his chest", "It's sexy", showing their hot interest.

Seoul Newspaper NTN Kang SuhJung Reporter. sacredmoon@seoulntn.com

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