[News] Is HwangBo and Brian really getting married?

A wedding photo of singers Brian Joo and HwangBo has garnered much interests from fans and netizens.

Awhile back, a wedding photo featuring the 2 was revealed, and there were speculations about whether the 2 are really getting married.

But it turns out that the 2 had transformed as preparing groom and bride to fulfil a student’s dream to e a wedding planner. Brian and HwangBo are currently the MCs for KBS JOY ‘Human Network KBS JOY Shoulder Comrades’ and they had done the wedding photoshoot to help a student who dreams to be a wedding planner.

The mentor of the day was gagman Hwang SeungHwan (38). Hwang SeungHwan set up his own wedding consultant firm in 2006 May.

This episode of the show is set to air on 5th July at 1:40 pm on KBS JOY.

S: HanKook KyungJae

Cr: Kbites

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