[news] 2am and BEAST to participate for an Open Concert on August 7!

The National Museum and Cultural Foundation will be celebrating their 5th Yongsan National Museum Anniversary with an Open Concert on the 7th of August.

Each year, the museum holds an mid summer open concert where it has been garnering a lot of hot response from citizens. For this year, 2am and BEAST will be participating for the Open Concert.

There are much enthusiasm and preparation for the stages of these top idols as both groups are known to hold huge popularity, 2am made a comeback this year with "I cannot let you go even if I die" while BEAST has "Shock".

There are more events prepared for this festival not only a concert. So far, there are 200 VIP seats that can be acquired via their official website. There will also be a lottery during the concert and those lucky enough will be given signed CD's from BEAST and 2am.

Also, there will be a pop quiz on the site filled with more prizes to be offered. For more information, visit the national museum's website at www.museum.go.kr.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews