[NEWS] 100722 Infinite's first variety experience 'While clutching onto ripped pants'

Group Infinite met the Infinity Girls and completed a harsh welcome into variety.

For the episode to be aired on July 23rd, cable TV MBC Every1's 'Infinity Girls, Season 2' prepared an idol special for the summer.

At this filming, the protagonists were the rookie boy group Infinite, who have been gathering a lot of popularity with their track 'Come Back Again'. All seven members showed off their charms by singing and dancing.

Because they are still rookies and unfamiliar with variety, the Infinity Girls members gave Infinite advice about how to do variety. Beginning with dancing, which is an essential in variety, they went on with imitations and drama parodies in a short amount of time, sucking the sanity out of the Infinite members while they tried to learn all the different how-to's of variety.

A point of interest was DongWoo, the dancing machine of Infinite, who, in the middle of his dancing, suddenly got a hopeless look on his face and clutched his pants.

To DongWoo's actions, the other members got a weird hunch and found out that DongWoo's pants had been ripped. Everyone burst out laughing at DongWoo, who kept on dancing even through the huge accident of his ripped pants.

Also at this filming, the Infinite members and the Infinity Girls chose partners to attempt drama parodies.

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