[NEWS] 100722 Infinite SungJong, 'Pasta' Gong HyoJin Parody "Chef~ Chef~"

Group Infinite member SungJong drew laughter for his portrayal of Gong HyoJin from the drama 'Pasta'.

Infinite starred in the cable TV MBC Every1 'Infinity Girls, Season 2- Idol Special', to be aired on July 23rd. They were invited by the staff for this summer special.

HyunYoung, the oldest member of 'Infinity Girls', parodied the drama 'Pasta' together with Infinite's SungJong. The two exchanged the female and male parts, and HyunYoung played Lee SunGyun while SungJong was Gong HyoJin.

SungJong surprised everyone with his Gong HyoJin acting that was cuter than a woman's, and HyunYoung perfectly portrayed the 'yelling chef' role of Lee SunGyun, imitating his low voice while dressed like a man.

Besides this couple, the others attempted parodies of 'Cinderella's Sister' and 'Personal Taste', gaining big laughter.