[News] MBC banned TOP's Turn it up

MBC has banned TOP’s song “Turn It Up” from broadcasting.

“FM Business” by Seo Taji contain the words “Fucked Up” in the lyrics, thus it has been banned. While TOP’s “Turn It Up” was banned because it contains brand names such as Louis Vuitton, YSL, Dolce & Gabanna, etc. which are considered as indirect advertising.

MBC Review evaluation officials stated, “Due to the profanity in the song, ‘FM Business’ by Seo Taju, the ban from broadcasting was determined. While Big Bang’s TOP ‘Turn It Up’ contained indirect advertising of products. The review of the songs’ lyrics do not follow the rules of broadcasting for MBC thus they will not be played.”

source/출처: 뉴스엔
translated/번역: alee @ ibigbang.wordpress.com

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