[Interview] 2AM just want to be themselves

MEMBERS of Korean boy band 2AM - Jo Kwon, Seu Long, Chang Min and Jin Woon - discuss football, women and rumours of their homosexuality.

Your song, No. 1, is featured on the World Cup's official album. Can you tell us how that feels?

We were very happy and excited when we learnt we were chosen to sing No. 1.

Photos of band leader Jo Kwon watching the match between South Korea and Greece are on the Internet. Are all of you fans? How long have you been following football?

We are all World Cup fans and football followers. Seu Long watches not only South Korea's matches, but those of other countries as well and he has been keeping late nights.

We were very happy when South Korea entered the round of 16. Although our country eventually lost, we still think South Korea did very, very well in this year's World Cup.

Since 2AM burst onto the scene in 2008, it has been well-known for its ballads. Can you talk about how it felt when you split from One Day to form 2AM?

When we became 2AM, we thought: 'Finally, we can come out and be ourselves.' We never thought the day would come and we were in a daze.

Do you enjoy singing ballads or do you prefer rock numbers?

We have no preferences.

Which member appears to be the most passionate and why?

It should be Jo Kwon.

JO KWON: I'm a soft-hearted person who often has many emotions...and I cry easily. I got very emotional when I watched South Korea playing in the World Cup and I often cried.

Who do you think is the most devoted to love, and why?

Hmm...we don't know. Seu Long is very fond of (model-actress) Shin Min A; Chang Min is a fan of actress Jo Yeo Jeong. When Min heard Jo had a bed scene in (Korean movie) The Servant, he said he wouldn't watch it. Haha.

What is the greatest thing you have done for love?

I made a sweet gesture while acting in We Got Married (a Korean reality show in which he had to pretend to be married). In one scene, when my on-screen wife (real-life girlfriend and Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In) and I bought popcorn in a cinema, I secretly placed a ring in the snack to surprise her. I also went bungee jumping with her.

Last October, your on-screen pairing with Ga In drew the highest ratings for We Got Married. How was it like to pair up on-screen? You even sung a duet (We Fell In Love) with her.

I was anxious and I looked forward to acting with her. I didn't expect the show to be a hit with viewers and I'm happy.

Last year, when Ga In performed in Singapore, she told local media that while filming We Got Married, you seemed to be 'possessed', sending her text messages and calling her by an affectionate term that means wife. Were you unable to get out of your role?

While filming, I have to immerse myself in my role because Ga In and I were playing a married couple. But I felt I kept an appropriate distance from her on the set.

Do you think you guys will make good husbands? What do you think are the qualities of a good lover or an ideal wife?

We feel there should be mutual understanding between a couple.

There has been talk on the Internet that Jo Kwon is gay and that he and U-Kiss's Soo Hyun are in a relationship. How do you feel about this?

I'd better explain to my Singaporean fans. Before Soo Hyun burst onto the scene with U-Kiss, he and I were groomed by JYP Entertainment. That's why we are on close terms...but we are really not gay!

Fans have raved about Seu Long's chest. What is his secret to maintaining his figure?

All of us watch our diet and we exercise regularly.

Which 2AM member has the most fans?

All of us have many fans. But Jo Kwon's fans are mostly middle-aged women.

South Korean band Wonder Girls has made waves in the US market. Do you have plans to venture overseas? How did it feel to be guest performers at Wonder Girls' US debut?

As long as the opportunity comes, we'd like to showcase our talent overseas. Our appearance at the Wonder Girls' gig marked the first time we performed in the US and that will forever be etched in our memory.

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"...Jo Kwon's fans are mostly middle-aged women." LOL'd so hard IRL XD

Source: The New Paper online
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