[Info] Invitaion for 2010 SUMMER CUBE STARS PARTY?

Hello ^^

Certainly the hot summer will be approaching us soon! You’ve set up plans, yes?
CUBE is bringing a solution to spend this hot summer coolly^^

Do you remember G.NA, who just had her debut stag with her debut song ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better,’ when she showed an amazing performance at CUBE’s Stars Part last January?
Thanks to the audience for showing their support, trainee Choi Gina was able to become a singer G.NA.
So continuing from G.NA, we ask that you would help CUBE in making the NEXT CUBE STARS.

So we invite 200 people from the CUBE ARTIST fan club.
In attending, we ask for much support and love, as anyone who is a fan of an ARTIST under CUBE can attend. We ask for much support.

In this summer of 2010, let’s have the 2010 SUMMER CUBE STARS PARTY together of fans who love CUBE and CUBE Entertainment’s ARTISTS (EDDIT, MARIO, 4Minute, Beast, G.NA) along with those who will be stars.


- Dates: August 10th (Tuesday), 2010
- Time: 7:00PM ~ 8:30PM (Doors open from 6:00PM)
- Location: CMG Sumyu Center Event Hall http://www.culturem.com/index.php
- Starting date of applying: July 19th (Monday)
- Notification of selection: August 4th (Wednesday)
- How to apply: There should be a ‘CUBE STARS PARTY’ section on the official fan cafĂ© with the form for applying (no multiple applications). We will choose the first 100 that apply in order of forms received from 8PM on July 19th (Wednesday). We will notify those who have been selected via SMS (1 ticket per person). The ticket will be given on the day of the performance after verifying the SMS (Once exchanging the SMS verification for the ticket, all cell phones and video devices will be left at the booth which will be monitored over). We will also need identification verification on the day of the ticket exchange.
- Application form
+Information on the form: Name / Birthdate / Age / Gender / Region / Personal Cell Phone Number
Ex) Yong Junhyung / 891219 / 22 / Male / Seoul / 010-1234-5678

Please do not leave out any of the information above and you may apply.
This is the first time CUBE Entertainment has ever held an event like this as it is meaningful for us, so we ask for much support from the fans of CUBE ARTISTs.

Thank you.