[DKP Weekly Music Chart] Taeyang WON our first chart !!

Just yesterday we have revealed our very first Top 9 contenders of the week and let you vote for your favourite contender. We have received a total of 353 votes and we would like to thank everyone who has participated in voting yesterday! We have calculated the final scores and of course we have our first winner for our very first chart. So this week's winner is... Taeyang !!

And here is the full result and rankings for this week's 'DKP Weekly Music Chart'. It was a close battle between miss A and Taeyang. miss A has earned the highest for online score and Taeyang has received the highest vote yesterday. After we have combined both online and voting scores, Taeyang edged out other strong contenders with ease and eventually won the chart with 'I Need A Girl' ! Congrats to Taeyang !^^

Once again, we would like to thank you all for participating in voting yesterday! If you haven't got a chance to vote yesterday, don't worry, you will definitely get to vote next week as we revealed next week's Top 9 contenders on Saturday at 5PM (KST).

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