[DKP Weekly Music Chart] The Shining 3rd Batch! Vote now!

Hello, we are back with a new fierce set of contenders. This week, after we have calculated the online scores from various music online charts, we have a total of 4 brand new entries 'again' and 5 of last week's contenders still remain.

Here is this week's Top 9 contenders...

Remaining contenders: MC Mong, miss A, Son Dambi, Narsha & Jay Park
Out from the chart: Taeyang, 4Minute, Jo Kwon & IU
New entries: SHINee, IU, Park Myeongsu+Nicole & G.NA

*Note that, this week IU has a new song entitled '여자라서' and is considered as a new entry. Her previous entry '잔소리' only last for 2 weeks, same goes to Taeyang's 'I Need A Girl'. Both songs online scores for this week couldn't make it to be in the Top 9.

Next week, we are going to crown two winners. Why? -- we are almost at the end of July so why not we give another crown for a winner of the month? So there will be a winner of the week and a winner of the month next week. Winner of the month / Song of the month will going to be the one that collects the most points ever since it's debut on our chart.

As for now, you may vote for our latest Top 9 contenders! So vote now! You have less than 5 DAYS to vote! we will close the poll coming Saturday at 8PM (KST).

Online score sources: