[DKP Announcement/Survey] Idol Group message book

Hi Readers, how are you ? We have been thinking and planning for sometime, we would like to do a survey for a project.If everything goes well, we will proceed with this plan.So we do need your cooperation and participation in the polls.If you do have extra suggestion which is not in the poll, you could post in the comments section.

The main objective of this project is to make a message book, sort of a scrapbook like for idol groups.Now i am pretty sure there will be many questions about the scrapbook.A message book for An IDOL GROUP(Yes you read it correctly, ONE) for international fans to send their message with their picture.

Below has a more detail explanation:
*a picture of the fan with their message
*fans will be ask to send me a postcard of their country to let our idols know where in the world their fans lived
*there will be a group msg and an individual msg
(like a msg for the whole group and a msg for their bias)
*the msg can be written in their own language but they have to provide an english translation

We do need some donations from fans for the shipping $ and for some materials.If you are generous.Can you tell us which way of donations you would prefer? We need at least 100USD for the shipping fees + materials.

If everything goes well, we will carry out this project.We will select the idol group with the highest vote.So please vote :).

Thank you for supporting DKP and we will continue to work hard for updating,reporting the latest kpop news to readers!

-Jaz@dkpopnews.net & the staffs of DKP