[Twitter] Shindong: A new game has came out!

I think you guys must be very excited about the new game that will be played by Super Junior, or rather already played by them. Shindong tweeted 5 mins ago, saying:

ShinsFriends 드디어!!! 새로운게임이 등장하였다 정확한포멧이 나온건 아니지만 상쾌해요2탄!! 챙피해요(부제:신인의 자세) 첫번째희생자가 등장했다!! 은혁 개봉박두!! 커밍순!! 희철트윗에 영상이 올라올것입니다!!
(Finally!!! A new game has came out. There's no exact format but stage 2 of It's Refreshing!! "It's Embarrassing"(subtitle:the attitute of a newbie) The new victim has appeared!! Eunhyuk. Coming soon!!!! There will be a video uploaded on Heechul's twit!)

The previous game was a BIG one. Some people were indeed refreshed but some, were NOT. Eunhyuk was said to be the first victim for the new game.What on earth is the new game? Stay tuned on DKP for more updates!

Reported by Ting18♥
Source: shindong's twitter