[Twitter] Alexander likes to give nickames to Kevin!

Alexander, the cheeky member in U-kiss likes to give nicknames to people, especially to Kevin!

Just an hour ago, he explains how the nickname of Kevin, 'Mervin' came about on twitter.

Fish + Lion = MERLION (Singapore's mascot) ∴Fish + Kevin = MERVIN♥ Got it now? Yea I've got a weird mind so often think of weird names~ LOL

He also created another nickname for kevin, ' HoneyVin' and tweeted saying,

HoneyVin VS Mervin??♥ I dunno which one u guys like~ but I like BOTH~ cuz I made both of them~ :P Seems like @kevinwoo91 loves it too~ LOL!

He also explained how the nickname came out,

I used to say 'thats rite honey' for fun to @kevinwoo91 n call him 빈아 (which means Vin in Korean)~ coincidently, in Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' MV, Gaga called Beyonce Honey-B which made me shout out 'HoneyVin' n LAUGHED~ that's how it began~ Another weird mind~ LOL!*♥o♥*

What a cheeky guy he is right? Well, its good to see that he is in a good mood seeing all his tweets nowadays. It was also Alexander's 1st anniversary on twitter because he started twitter on the 22nd of june 2009. HAPPY 1ST YEAR!

Reported by Ting18♥@dailykpopnews
Source: Alexander's twitter