[Trans/News] Big Bang A Hundred Q&A on Japanese Magazine

This interview is so adorable guys! They talk about marriage, proposing, ideal girls, crying, dating each other! etc. If that isn’t enough, there is plenty of G-Ri, and seungri answering the opposite of what they’re asking him lol XDD Thanks a lot to Jane @ bbupdates! ^^

⑴ What was your dream career when you were in kindergarten?
GD: I think I have aimed to become a singer since I was born.
T.O.P: Actor. I encountered music only after I attended primary school.
SOL: Though I liked singing, I had not thought about becoming a singer at that time.
D-Lite: A clergyman. Cause I was born in a Christian family.
V.I: A choreographer or a dancer.

⑵ If Big Bang was a family, who would you choose to be the father/mother/eldest son/second son and the yougest child?
GD: Me: father, Seungri: the youngest son, TOP: baby, Taeyang: mother, Daesung: the eldest son.
T.O.P: GD: father, Seungri: uncle, myself: baby, Taeyang: mother, Daesung: the eldest son.
SOL: GD: Father, Seungri: someone who lives next door, TOP: baby, myself: mother, D-lite: the eldest son.
DL: GD: father, Seungri: the youngest son, TOP: second son, Taeyang: mother, myself: eldest brother.
V.I: GD: father, myself: second son, TOP: youngest son, Taeyang: mother, Daesung: eldest brother.

⑶ The five senses, namely sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch, together with the sixth sense,besides hearing that is essential for your work, which one do you think is your most sensitive one?
GD: Sight. I’d like to see various things so that’s why it is the most developed.
T.O.P: In my opinion, all senses have to be acute to achieve excellence. Thus it’s better to train all of my senses as much as possible.
SOL: Sight.
DL: Taste. If I say something is tasty, all the others say so too.
V.I: Sight.

⑷ If you were a female, who would you consider to date among the members?
GD: Myself. If I do not like myself, I will be unable to continue my career.
T.O.P: Each of our members has their own charm. Hence, I want to make friends with all of them.
SOL: Daesung. We share the same room in Japan and he always listen to my consultation.
DL: Taeyang. We can discuss music, and since we have common interests, I find him really easy to talk to.
V.I: GD. He has everything. His charm overflows!

⑸ What kind of pets do you have? What do you call it/them?
GD: I am taking care of my dog called GAHO.
T.O.P: I had been keeping a dog called HENRY untill three years ago.
SOL: I have a dog called BOSS.
DL: I had a cat as my pet two years ago.
V.I: I haven’t got any pet yet.

⑹ When you meet a girl for the first time, which part of her would naturally attract you attention?
GD: Her aura.
T.O.P: Her face. Isn’t it normal to look at one’s face first?
SOL: Her eyes. No matter men or women, I’ll look at their eyes first.
DL: Smiles. I would not say its due to attraction, I will make sure to first check her smiling face.
V.I: I like people with beautiful hands. Thus, hands.

⑺ If you were about to receive a proposal from a girl, how would you like it to be?
GD: Proposals should be made by males. I do not want to see girls doing that.
TOP: Please do it at a quiet place! A place where there is no one else.
SOL: Well~~?
DL: We should go to the Han River (a river flows through Seoul) and say it out loud.
V.I: If she says something like “I love you” then I will accept!

⑻ Which member’s propose would be the most annoying one? What do you expect him to say?
GD: Seungri. He would talk about many unrelated things and make one totally lost. (:D)
T.O.P: That must be Seungri. Even if he does not say a word, his proposal is deemed to be foppish. (:D)
SOL: TOP. Maybe he will say his lines from a movie!
DL: Seungri, unconditionally!
V.I: I think that would be G-Dragon. Instead of being annoying, he must be the best in proposing. He would consider the whole process beforehand.

⑼ What kind of clothes do you want your date to wear?
GD: Clothes that fit her. Trendy but comfortable dresses would be good.
T.O.P: Suit, coz I am wearing suit as well.
SOL: Denim jeans with flat shoes.
DL: Vintage style.
V.I: Onepiece.

⑽ Recently, when did you shed your tears? And Why?
GD: I went to Fuji-Q Highland and because I was too excited after the ride on FUJIYAMA, my tears came out automatically.
T.O.P: When I attended the Preview of the movie “Into the Fire”, which took me 6-months of hardwork during shooting, I was touched by the applause from all the audience and almost cried.
SOL: I was really happy when we received awards at VMAJ but I did not cry.
DL: I did not cry either.
V.I: The time when we won awards at VMAJ. Because I was too glad.

⑾ What is your charm point?
GD: Wrinkle on my forehead.
T.O.P: Eyes.
SOL: Hairstyle.
DL: Smiling face.
V.I: My double teeth.

⑿ Which part do you wash first when you are taking a bath?
GD: Face.
T.O.P: I’ll take a Half-body Bath first. 
SOL: Face.
DL: Hair. 
V.I: Face.

⒀ Your ideal bride should be…?
GD:A girl who works seriously for her own job.
T.O.P: A person who can get along with me. A person who understands me.
SOL: I have not thought about it yet. I even do not have a girlfriend.(Smiled bitterly)
DL: Good at cooking.
V.I: When I arrive home after a whole day of work, she is there to cook and wait for me. I hope we can eat together.

⒁ How many mails on average do you send in a day?
GD: I have not counted but roughly 20 messages?
T.O.P: About 10.
SOL: I rarely send mails.
DL: I do not send mails.
V.I: I send quite a number of mails.

⒂ Who are the receivers of your mails?
GD: Mostly people from work.
T.O.P:I usually send mails to my family members.
SOL: I rarely do it.
DL: I do not send mails.
V.I: My friends, since I can seldom meet them.

⒃ What do you usually do when moving from one place to another?
GD: I usually listen to music while simulating the whole day’s schedule in my head.
T.O.P: I use the time to think about things.
SOL: I listen to music and sometimes sing along with my favourite songs.
DL: listen to music
V.I: Probably listening to the music and fall into sleep.

⒄ What is the thing that makes you think:” I do not want to keep my hands off this!” ?
GD: IC Recorder, pen and my PC. They enable me to write down lyrics and record the melody once I got inspirations. Nevertheless, nowadays a mobile phone could do all of the above things.
T.O.P: Lighter. I always lost it so I carry several with me.
SOL: Caps, notepad and ipod
DL: I put all of my things in my bag! They are all meaningful things to me.
V.I: I do not have a bag. The thing I will not let go is my mobile phone coz one gets lonely in one’s room.

⒅ What’s your favourite dish made by your mother?
GD: Gyeran jjim, a Korean steamed egg casserole.
T.O.P: Bulgogi, Korean style yakiniku.
SOL: Doenjang jjigae,a stew-like Korean traditional dish, made with Korean soybean paste.
DL: Kimchi jjigae, a stew made with Kimchi.
V.I: Japchae, a Korean dish made from cellophane noodles.

⒆ Have you tried to make the dish mentioned in 18 by yourself?
GD: I made it for my members. (alee: aww! ^^)
T.O.P: I have not.
SOL: I haven’t but I will certainly try it someday.
DL: Of course I can cook it.
V.I: I tried but failed.

⒇ The Japanese that you learnt most recently is?
GD: I heard staff saying「なんとなく」. So I ‘somehow’ use it. (:D)
「nan to naku」, somehow.
T.O.P: I learnt 「めざまし」from the staff.
「mezamashi」, wake up
SOL: The lyrics from Tell Me Goodbye which say 「抱きしめた手を」. That’s because GD always mimics the way Seungri sings. (:D)
「daki shimeta te wo」, the embracing hands
DL: The staff taught me the word 「青空」. I use it when the weather is good.
「ao zora」, bluesky
V.I: I learnt 「すいませんえん」from my friends (:D). I heard this is an outdated gag.
「suimasen en」, I am sorry

I like girls who work hard for their jobs!

He may look shy, but G-Dragon is actually the one with the most number of different poses.
When showing his expressions for a series of emotions:sadness, anger, surprise and happiness, he would do poses such as holding his head, and screaming. (An imitation of the famous painting, ‘The Scream’ )
When we asked him, ‘Please show the expression when you fell in love.’
He replied, ‘That (request) is just what I want!’ while starting to put his hands together in front of his mouth. Those actions were really cute.
To accompany the monkey softtoy which would shake its head according to the rythm of music, G-Dragon also shook his head left and right~

source: ibigbang.wordpress.com