[Pictures] Beast Members Reveal Their Faces With No Make-Up!


[TV Daily = Reporter Lee Yoonji]

Pet idols Beast reveal their natural, makeup-less faces, gaining attention from netizens.

On the 26th on SBS TV 'Inkigayo''s homepage, photos were revealed that were taken from inside Beast's apartment, in the 'Producer's diary' corner.

On May 16th, Beast took part in the recording of one of Inkigayo's corners, 'the Green Sports Song', and therefore experienced being filmed inside their apartment. Never-before-seen cuts from this day were uploaded on the homepage.

The photos of their natural, dressed-down looks in their apartment were much different from the images of them performing on stage that displayed their rough, manly looks and the powerful charisma of their second mini album title song, 'Shock' and, therefore, are gaining much attention from netizens.

Meanwhile, Beast has completed their Asia promotions in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Phillipines and has returned to Korea. On the first of the next month, they will be making their first official visit to Japan after their debut and has received an invitation to the Han.Mi.Il* Collaboration Dance Event titled 'Precious Land'.

* - T/N: Han.Mi.Il stands for Korea/USA/Japan.